Why is Getting Sweat off after a Workout Important?

Everyone knows that if you are working out right, you are going to end your session covered in sweat. Although sweating is your body’s natural defense to overheating, leaving sweat on your skin after a workout ultimately doesn’t do your body any good.

What exactly is sweat?

To understand more about the importance of removing sweat from the body after a workout, first you have to know what sweat is in the first place! In scientific terms, sweat is the human form of thermoregulation. In other words, it’s your body’s built-in cooling system so you don’t overheat and collapse onto the gym floor. By releasing moisture through the pores of your skin, the air around you evaporates the sweat, creating a cooling effect that brings down your body’s core temperature.

While sweating is an essential mechanism for your body to handle a hard workout, too much sweat can cause its own issues as well, such as:

·       Body odor

·       Acne breakouts

·       Skin irritation and discomfort

·       Dehydration

·       Staining on clothes or towels

So what can you do to combat these problems without stopping your body from doing what it needs to do to keep you cool? That’s where HyperGo Wipes come in!

HyperGo – Sports Wipes for Everyday Life!

At HyperGo, we understand how the human body works and what athletes need to get the most out of their workout routines or the next big game. Our gigantic, fragrance-free HyperGo Wipes are specially designed with active people in mind, and feature natural ingredients for a convenient clean even when you are hours from hitting the shower.

By using HyperGo Wipes to remove excess sweat, you combat the problems of funky body odor and acne breakouts at the core of the problem! With Vitamin E, aloe, and oatmeal, our hypoallergenic wipes get rid of problem causing bacteria and leave you feeling clean and refreshed with no sticky residue.

Whether you’re competing in a big game or hitting the gym for some extra cardio, HyperGo Wipes are the ultimate tool for a post-workout clean that you can trust.