HyperGo Wipes were developed for athletes by athletes and branded as an After Sports Wipe. We quickly realized that HyperGo Wipes are the perfect wipe for ANYONE who needs to get clean and refreshed on the go. After hundreds of tests and trials, we developed HyperGo Full Body Wipes and created the most portable, durable, soft, and refreshing wipe on the market.

HyperGo Full Body Wipes are wipes that anyone can use anytime, anywhere, for anything. Whether you are a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast, digital athlete, avid hiker, or simply someone that could use a freshness boost after a long flight, HyperGo wipes will work for you!

Our 12” x 12” wipes are the perfect size for any occasion, providing A Square Foot of Clean™ with each wipe.

EcoNourish™, our proprietary blend of ingredients, combines all natural, healthy ingredients like Aloe, Vitamin E, Oatmeal, and Honey to clean, nourish, and moisturize your skin. Our wipes are built with 100% biodegradable vegetable fibers that decompose, reducing the impact on our environment. We use a unique embossing technique to manufacture our wipes that makes them ultra soft and durable, providing the best possible full body clean for your busy life.

HyperGo Full Body Wipes provide a full body clean anytime, anywhere and are good for your skin and good for the Earth. These are wipes for your life and trust us, you’ll want to stash a wipe in your car, your purse, your kid’s backpack, and your desk at work because you’ll never know when a wipe will come in handy.

Our Story


HyperGo was founded before Freddy could even drive a car. As a young athlete, Freddy and his teammates would travel hours to and from basketball, volleyball, and tennis tournaments. After a full day of games, they would dread the long, sweaty, smelly car ride home. Freddy and co-founder, Andrew, recognized a need to get rid of sweat and odor on the go. HyperGo was founded and The After Sport Wipe was developed to be tough on dirt and sweat, yet gentle and healthy enough for the most sensitive skin.

As HyperGo has grown, Freddy and the team realized that HyperGo Wipes aren’t just for athletes; they truly are the perfect wipe for anyone who needs to get clean or refreshed on the go. While Freddy continues to steer the company, Andrew has gone on to excel in athletics and other amazing endeavors. Their brilliant inspiration is now a reality & we are excited to bring HyperGo to people everywhere.

In addition to creating a product that is healthy for your skin and environmentally conscious, Freddy wanted giving back to his community to be a core value of his company.

HyperGO is designed and created by Oakwell Inc.

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