You have outgrown the need for baby wipes. You aren’t a baby so why are you using them. Our huge 12x12 size is perfect for everyone. Our ingredients including aloe vera, oatmeal, and honey are perfect for adult skin with both natural cleansing and moisturizing properties. Bye Bye Baby Wipes.
Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Finish all the wipes and just toss the packaging in the recycling.
Our wipes are designed to last for up to two years without being opened. Stuff them in your gym bag, your car, or wherever you might need them.
Yes, our wipes are cruelty free.
Yes, but please dispose of them in the trash can after. Our wipes are not flushable.
Yes, our wipes are for your full body. Our natural ingredients are perfect for all skin types too.

Answering Questions with Customer Reviews:

These wipes have been life savers. I live in my van often and am constantly active like hiking or riding my bike, so they are super handy.

I’d recommend the multi-wipe pack so not to waste individual packages (although I have one in my hydration pack in the event one is necessary.

“My daughter and I both use them after workouts. I have tried others that smell more like a baby wipe and don't like that, but these are much better, more neutral.”

“Yes. I bought them for my cross country road trip and they worked great. It's a really good product.”

“I use them there and have had no problems so far.”
“I think they are great. Cleans without drying. No heavy scent. Leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. No residue. Large cloths perfect for the week of outdoors.”
I keep these in my backpack, and use them every morning after I ride my bike to work. I've been using them for about a year and they're great. I definitely feel cleaned up and ready to go.
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