Camillo Ferrari, high school football coach and founder of Modern Athletic Health, an organization that arms modern athletes of all types with the tools and tips they need to achieve their fitness goals, recently put HyperGo wipes to the ultimate test: teenage boys. It’s no big secret, teen athletes can get stinky after they #getsweaty.

See how HyperGo wipes stood up to the challenge:

“As the owner of Modern Athletic Health, I periodically decide to test out products myself. I am also a high school football coach and incredibly active myself in the gym, at practice, working with my student athletes, and being as competitive as possible in rec sports in my free time. My athletes and I have had the pleasure of putting HyperGo wipes to the ultimate test and it has passed with flying colors. Let’s be honest–we don’t ALWAYS have time to shower after a workout. My days are incredibly long and hectic, so gaining an extra 15 minutes by being able to use these wipes after a lift or run is incredibly valuable to me. As for my players, well, we were all in high school once and it’s ok to admit that our hygiene may not have been the best on a daily basis. Our players were thrilled at the opportunity to use the HyperGo wipes after practice. The last thing they want to do after a grueling 2 hours on the field is go and spend another 20 minutes in the showers; they would much rather get clean as quick as possible and get home to complete their homework and get a hot meal! With HyperGo, they can get clean quick, and get home to rest!”

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